FEEDBACK FROM 2018 participants

“What an honor to win the Most Innovative Technology award at the 2018 China BlueTech Awards in Aquatech China.  I was impressed with the quality of the other competing companies and the never-ending stream of inquiries coming to our booth in the Innovation Pavilion.  This one event has given us exceptional momentum in China and India in regards to new projects and manufacturing support.”   

Cameron Lippert, CEO, PowerTech Water


“I would like to thank the judges, Mandarin Environment, and BlueTech Research for extending this high-profile opportunity to us. Winning the China Market Readiness award has given us a boost in the China market that is hard to replicate." 

Bruce Bishop, CEO, CrossTek/ Aquazoom


“I would like to thank BlueTech and Mandarin for organizing such a worthwhile program.  The China BlueTech Awards was well worth our time, and we are looking forward to following up with all the Chinese inquiries, as well as keeping in touch with the other competing companies.  Thank you!”  

Tal Fishbhin, International Marketing & Sales, HydroSpin



FEEDBACK FROM 2017 participants

“I would like to thank the 2017 China BlueTech Awards judges for electing our product as the winner of the the Innovative Technology award. Also I would like to thank BlueTech Research, Mandarin Environment and Aquatech China for making it a successful event for Element Six. Exploring the China market for our wastewater treatment technology has been on our strategy roadmap, and a primary goal for the E6 Water Team in 2017.  The China BlueTech Awards provided us with the opportunity to showcase our product and we hope will kick-start our China product launch. In the Innovation Pavilion we met with many Chinese companies who are looking for industrial treatment methods for their waste streams. We hope we can be successful with the contacts that we made and come back to Aquatech China next year.”

Hossein Zarrin, Head of Water Technologies, Element Six  


“I was pleased that Onvector participated in the 2017 China BlueTech Awards.  It was an honor to be named a Finalist and ultimately win the award for Market Readiness in 2017. We're grateful not only to the judges--leading research scientists and water industry experts in their own right--but also to the other companies. Overall Aquatech China 2017 exceeded my expectations. The booth we had at the China BlueTech Awards Innovation Pavilion enabled us to gain access to hundreds of local and national business contacts attending the conference, many of who are very excited about using our technology. Onvector was also able to leverage its participation in the China BlueTech Awards to refine, strengthen and ultimately start accelerating its China strategy.”

Daniel J. Cho, CEO & Founder, Onvector


“Being a Finalist in the 2017 China BlueTech Awards gave BioCleaner a unique platform to develop our positioning in the Chinese market. The Awards gave us an excellent opportunity to promote our product with a certain level of validation from this independent awards.  Lastly, the insights that we gathered from Mandarin Environment, the judges and fellow Finalists will go a long way in helping us achieve our goals for the Chinese market.”

Dennis Tee, Country Head, BioCleaner


“The China BlueTech Awards was BioWish’s first opportunity to participate in a water industry event in China. BioWish is new to the China market, so it was both an honor and a tremendous opportunity for us to be nominated as a Finalist for the 2017 Awards. Not only did we generate great leads from being in the BlueTech Innovation Pavilion, but it also allowed us to validate many of the conclusions from our market studies and align strategic growth efforts with our Chinese partners. I am sure that being a Finalist in the China BlueTech Awards will prove instrumental to our China success.”

Juan Carlos Verardo, Director – Commercial Water Treatment, BioWish


"Attending the China Blue Tech Awards was the best decision we could've made in order to develop our business in both China and the US. We found that some of the other exhibitors at the China Blue Tech Awards had technologies that were extremely innovative and would be very complementary to ours. Moreover, the fact that we were differentiated from the rest of the exhibitors at Aquatech China as being more innovative helped immensely with regard to meeting high quality potential partners. In fact, we visited with two companies directly after the expo and are currently discussing how to partner. Aquatech China is a great expo, but the China Blue Tech Awards made it spectacular."

Lockett Wood, Founder & CEO, Avivid Water Technologies


"It was a great honor and privilege to be selected as a finalist for the 2017 China BlueTech Awards.  The awards opened doors to several potential opportunities in China, as well as created introductions with various partners and investors. Furthermore, the ability to have a physical presence at Aquatech China and meet with these people face-to-face was priceless. As a company, we see tremendous opportunity in the Chinese market and have plans to develop the appropriate partnerships to enter the market with strength in 2018."

Chris Milligan, PE, CEO, President, BlueInGreen




FEEDBACK FROM 2016 Participants

"We learned a lot from being in the China BlueTech Awards, and expanded our network of contacts with our presence the Innovation Pavilion at Aquatech China. From this experience, some things we will do much differently going forward, while other things we will continue to do just as we have done.  All in all, it was a great experience.  I thank you for the opportunity to have participated in the Awards. We are now getting traction with our technology in the China market."

Tim Tangredi, CEO, Dais Analytic


"I strongly recommend the China BlueTech Awards for any water technology company considering, or already moving forward in, the China market. Being a Finalist in the Awards provided momentum to our discussions with Chinese partners - who were impressed our technology being recognized at innovative and a Finalist, and subsequently an award Winner. "

Doug Buch, CEO, PaveDrain


"We entered the 2016 China BlueTech Awards in hope of further demonstrating our technology leadership to Chinese partners. The results did that and more. In addition to showcasing OriginClear's innovative solution to industrial wastewater, we also enjoyed business development opportunities in the Innovation Pavilion we otherwise wouldn't have had.  We recommend this Awards for technology companies looking at China market entry."    

Jean-Louis Kindler, President, OriginClear