The China BlueTech Awards is more than simply a technology competition.  

From an international technology company's perspective, this is an opportunity to demonstrate your technology's potential in the China market. From the Chinese perspective, this is an annual opportunity to track what new water/wastewater solutions are looking to enter and compete in China. 


Your questions:

1.  My company is an early-stage water/wastewater technology company and we are not sure if China makes sense for us yet.

In short, this competition will answer that question. If your technology is a Finalist, or perhaps one of the two Winners, your China plans will likely become a priority. If the Chinese judges score you technology low for China market-fit, for whatever reason, you may want to delay or rethink your China market entry. This competition is a cost effective way to arrive at the answer.  

2.  What's the profile of Chinese attendees?  

1) Chinese environmental corporates seeking new technologies for their portfolio of solutions;

2) Chinese investors and funds interested in innovative technologies that either have, or eventually will establish, presence in the China market;

3) Chinese licensees and distributors seeking new hardware and software technologies for their own business development. 

3.  What types of technology companies compete in the China BlueTech Awards?

Technologies with applications in municipal and industrial submarkets. From treatment to measurement to resource recovery, a wide range of companies are submitting their most innovative technology.  

4.  Can large companies enter the China BlueTech Awards?

Yes. The China BlueTech Awards should be seen as an opportunity to further showcase your technology leadership.  

5.  Our technology is already being sold in China, can we compete?

Yes, Finalists and Winners of the China BlueTech Awards could leverage this recognition for China marketing efforts.   

6.  What is the cost for participating in the China BlueTech Awards? 

There is no cost to submit your technology for the competition; however, if you are selected by judges as a Finalist, someone from your leadership team will need to be in Shanghai on May 31, 2019 to be amongst Finalists in the Aquatech China 'Innovation Pavilion', where the booth/stand cost is US$2200.  Travel and hotel are not sponsored either.  If you are not chosen as a Finalist, then there are no costs whatsoever.  

7.  When will the China BlueTech Awards Finalists be notified? 

February 15, 2019

8.  We are so busy trying to capture North American and European markets, but are interested growing our China business. What's the most compelling reason for us to compete in the China BlueTech Awards?  

Simply put, the China BlueTech Awards offers water/wastewater technology companies a low-cost and highly-effective means of determining China market acceptance/competitiveness. Being a Finalist means the judges deem your technology 'market-ready', and therefore attractive to distributors and end-users, which should make it attractive to investors. Non-Finalists use the China BlueTech Awards as an opportunity to see where and how they could reposition their technology for the China market, or simply focus on other markets.