UK and US companies win the 2017 China BlueTech Awards

June 08, 2017 |  Shanghai, China

UK-headquartered Element Six and New Jersey-based Onvector claimed the top awards in the 2nd annual China BlueTech Awards. While this year’s Finalist companies all submitted competitive technologies, the judges ultimately awarded the top awards to the two companies demonstrating the highest degree of technology innovation and China market readiness.

Element Six and Onvector competed against a field of 28 water and wastewater technology companies from Europe, Israel, and North America, who are all focused on demonstrating their technology’s readiness for the China market. Entrants included a wide spectrum of early-stage and mature companies with solutions across key water and wastewater industry submarkets.

Of the 28 entrants, 8 companies were eventually shortlisted by judges as Finalists and invited to participate with booth presence in the BlueTech Innovation Pavilion at Aquatech China, China’s largest and most important water industry expo. 

The judges were impressed by Element Six’s “Diamox” product which is an Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation Cell designed for treatment of highly contaminated industrial wastewater containing >100,000 mg/l of COD. A member of the De Beers Group of Companies, Element Six brings over 50 years’ experience of delivering innovative synthetic diamond solutions for both abrasive and non-abrasive applications. For China Element Six is bringing their synthetic diamond super-materials expertise for applications in a wide array of industries such as optics, power transmission, semiconductors, sensors, and wastewater treatment.

Hossein Zarrin, head of Element Six’s wastewater group commented, “I would like to thank the 2017 China BlueTech Awards judges for electing our product as the winner of the Innovative Technology award. Also I would like to thank BlueTech Research, Mandarin Environment and Aquatech China for making it a successful event for Element Six. Exploring the China market for our wastewater treatment technology has been on our strategy roadmap, and a primary goal for the E6 Water Team in 2017.  The China BlueTech Awards provided us with the opportunity to showcase our product and we hope will kick-start our China product launch. In the Innovation Pavilion we met with many Chinese companies who are looking for industrial treatment methods for their waste streams. We hope we can be successful with the contacts that we made and come back to Aquatech China next year.”

The judges were also impressed with Onvector’s two core products, the Plasma Vortex advanced oxidation process (“AOP”), and the Ion Pinch cooling water scale suppression. Onvector’s Plasma Vortex offers end-users advanced chemical oxidation and robust biological deactivation of industrial process water. The Ion Pinch is a safe, low-cost, easy-to-install, non-chemical technology that provides robust treatment of mineral fouling while consuming a negligible amount of energy. The Ion Pinch is a physical water treatment system that, in support of end-user’s chemical program, can boost the performance of cooling systems by reducing scale and fouling, creating significant energy and water savings.

Onvector’s CEO Daniel Cho remarked, “I was pleased that Onvector participated in the 2017 China BlueTech Awards. It was an honor to be named a Finalist and ultimately win the award for Market Readiness. We're grateful not only to the judges--leading research scientists and water industry experts in their own right--but also to the other competing companies. Overall Aquatech China 2017 exceeded my expectations. The booth we had at the China BlueTech Awards Innovation Pavilion enabled us to gain access to hundreds of local and national business contacts attending the conference, many of who are very excited about using our technology. Onvector was also able to leverage its participation in the China BlueTech Awards to refine, strengthen and ultimately start accelerating our China strategy.”

The other Finalists in the 2017 China BlueTech Awards were:  AVIVID Technologies, which submitted their innovative electrocoagulation (EC) technology that offers Chinese industrial operators an innovative solution for tackling arsenic removal and other heavy metal contamination. BiOWiSH, which is a bioaugmentation technology that works faster and more efficiently than native biological organisms alone, bringing the China market the next generation of biological water/wastewater treatment.  BlueInGreen, which submitted their gas dissolution technology offering Chinese municipal and industrial operators an innovative solution for aeration, pH adjustment, disinfection, and odor control. BioCleaner, which submitted their biological treatment solution that utilizes imbedded microbes in a floating reactor chamber, offering a low cost treatment solution for of lakes, ponds, lagoons and tanks in China. AP/M PERMAFORM, which submitted their cost-effective solution for manhole and drainage pipe rehabilitation, addressing China’s aging water infrastructure without digging or disrupting activities taking place either underground or above ground.

Awards co-organizer John Robinson of Mandarin Environment commented, “Not only is China a big market, it is also hyper-competitive, meaning that companies who invest marketing and branding will rise above the clutter of competing technology solutions and grab market share. The China BlueTech Awards has become an effective means for international technology companies to demonstrate technology leadership and market readiness, which can be used in their China marketing and branding.”

Building on the success of the 2017 awards, Mandarin Environment and BlueTech Research are already turning their attention to the 2018 competition, which will continue to offer international water and wastewater technology companies a platform for demonstrating readiness for the China market. Technology submissions for the 2018 China BlueTech Awards will be accepted between November 1, 2017 and January 30, 2018. The Awards Reception will again take place at Aquatech China.

For more information about the China BlueTech Awards, please contact Mandarin Environment’s John Robinson at